Sonoran Ocotillo Panels

About the ocotillo plant

The fouquieria splendens, known as ocotillo (oh-koh-tee-yo) are native to the southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico. In the United States it can be found in California, south of Nevada, Arizona and Texas. In Mexico the ocotillo is native to the states of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila. Ocotillo is a drought tolerant plant and can withstand harsh conditions, stems can grow up to 20 feet tall.


Our ocotillo fence panels

  • Pre-wired, 5ft long by 6ft tall. rolled up for easier handling and transportation
  • Each panel or roll weighs 60-70 lbs
  • Each panel contains approximately 36-40 ocotillo branches
  • Each branch diameter is between 1-2.5", branches are thicker at the bottom and thinner towards the top


Where and how do we source our ocotillo?

  • Our ocotillo comes from an ocotillo forest in northern mexico
  • The ranch is evaluated by a government assigned environmental engineer
  • Every 6 months, we determine how much we can cut
  • Our harvesting method allows the ocotillo plants to re-grow their branches in 6 – 12 months
  • We never cut the whole plant

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